Prague, the city of a hundred spires, is one of the most popular tourist’s destinations in central Europe. The city has something to offer even for the most particular visitors as it is a mix of the modern and the ancient. All in one perfect harmony that needs to be seen to be believed.

Like many tourists destinations, its international airport is the main gateway through which tourists flood the city. For many of them, finding an Airport Shuttle Services from Prague Airport is one of the first things that interest them.

If you are part of that group that is interested in precisely that, then you are in luck. Here we explain everything that one needs to know about Prague Airport shuttle.

The Good

The good news is that there are two buses: bus no.100 and bus no.119. A one-way ticket costs just 1.20€ – same price for each bus. The trip takes around 20 minutes, and you can catch one every 15 minutes or so.

The Bad

Unfortunately, none of the buses doesn’t go to the city center, but a metro station. The no.100 bus goes to Zličín, while the no.119 goes to Nadrazi Veleslavin. From there you need to buy a metro ticket and head to whatever part of the town you need to go. Another unfortunate moment is that the airport shuttles don’t run 24/7, but only from 04:15 am – 11:30 pm.

The Important Thing

Other than price, the shuttles numbers, and the fact that they don’t go to the city center one only needs to know that tickets can be bought on almost any terminal and also in the shuttle. However, tickets cost a bit more if you buy them in the shuttle. The airport bus stops can be found at the D, E, and F exits of the Terminal 1, and C, D, and E exits of the Terminal 2.