Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, but it is also the informal cultural and economic center of central Europe. It is the most vibrant city in the region with people coming in and out all year long. Their international airport is the main gateway through which visitors come to this fantastic city. One of the first things that most people inquire about is their transfer from Prague Airport to the city.

Luckily for all people, getting to and from the airport is relatively easy. There are two modes of transport. One is the bus, and the other is the taxi.

Airport Bus Transport

The airport bus doesn’t go all the way to the city center but can take you only to the metro station. The two buses that go from the airport to the city center are marked as bus No.199 and bus No.100. The first one will take you to the green metro line A station, while the second one stops at the yellow metro line B. Bus No.100 is perfect if you are headed toward an address that is in the western part of the town.

A one-way ticket from the airport costs 1.20€, and the ride takes around 35 minutes. There are buses every 15 minutes. The biggest downside to this is that the buses are almost always crowded, you need to take care of your luggage, and you don’t get to the center directly, but need to catch a metro train.

Airport Taxi

The airport taxi in Prague is the same as in any place in the world. Only a small percentage of the drivers speak any English, they might want to charge you extra for your luggage, and can sometimes opt for the longest route to charge you a few more euros. The average taxi ride from the airport to the city center costs 27€.

Then there is welcome pickups – a type of taxi service, but better in almost any way. They offer online booking, an English speaking driver, 24/7 customer support, and all that for basically the same fee as a regular airport taxi.