There are thousands of stories by travelers landing in a foreign country that were overcharged by their taxi driver, often a couple of times over the average price of the trip. Unfortunately, these things happened and still happen at some airports.

Luckily, technology and smart transport startups have tackled this issue with success. Nowadays, there is no need to take that risk as you can solve your airport transfer worries long before you arrive at the airport.

For example, if you travel to Prague and you need Prague airport taxis. As said earlier, why go to the ones waiting at the airport when you can book one from your phone or PC. Certain airport transfer services have specialized in getting you from the airport in a very convenient and affordable way. Here’s what they offer and how they are different than regular taxis.

  • Travelers can book to be picked from the airport at the time of their arrival. That’s even if the flight is late. Most of the best airport transfer services monitor flights and are entirely aware when a flight is late and where it is expected to arrive.
  • They offer the same rate as a regular airport taxi. In some countries where the local allow that, they even give flat rates to the city center. If they can’t give you a flat fee, then you pay whatever the meter shows.
  • They have professional drivers that speak English. Plus, their drivers are trained to be polite and address any client with the utmost respect. Also, they are instructed to provide instructions and advice about the city if the client asks.
  • And if that wasn’t enough, there is 24/7 customer support. That way, the client can ask questions, and if further assistance is needed.